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I cannot tell you how excited we are at The Little Cook to be up and running again with a new website and some awesome new products!

With a change of ownership in the middle of this year, we’ve been busy revamping the business and setting up our new direction and plans for the business.

You’ll be excited to know that we will continue to stock kids¬†cooking utensils and kid sized cooking aprons and chef hats for your little cooks. In fact, we think it’s a huge part of the fun in learning to cook that you get your own tools to cook with.

We’ll so be stocking up our website, Facebook page and later a YouTube channel with kid friendly recipes that your kids can cook at home while building their cooking skills. Our plan is to cover all types of recipes from breakfast to snacks, lunch to dinners and anything else we can think of that will teach your little cook new ways of cooking.

Our blogs will also focus on nutritional information and articles that you can share with your little cook to build their food knowledge.

We’re super excited to be sharing this all with you and can’t wait to hear how your little cooks are going with our recipes. We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to add any comments or send us a photo of your little cooks cooking achievement. Until next time, happy cooking!

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