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Have you seen our new aprons & chef hats?

We have given our material aprons and chef hats a makeover and they are now available in black (hides the spills that every Little Cook makes in the kitchen) and a gorgeous burnt orange.  We have also created a Kids Deluxe Baking Pack in addition to our Kids Deluxe Cooking Pack.  The aprons and chef hats are durable, and easy to clean.  The aprons also have a handy pocket to store our new tongs or spatulas.

If there is a particular item that you would like to see available on The Little Cook site, please email and we will see if we are able to stock it for you.

Now Selling Gift Vouchers

If you are finding it hard to choose the perfect gift for your Little Cook a gift voucher might be the answer.  With a selection of price points to choose from we have a voucher for all budgets.  The Little Cook gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.  We can also tailor them to the occasion they are being purchased for.  Please include your email address and a message with the details of the voucher at check out and leave the rest to us.  If you would like more information about the gift vouchers please email

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Kids cooking sets & more for your Little Cooks

Our kids cooking sets were created to help provide all the Little Cooks in Australia with cooking tools that fit their little hands with ease and make them feel great about cooking with their mum, dad, aunty, uncle, nanny, pop or anyone you can think of!

We think all kids should have their own cooking tools! Not just because they’re cool (though we think they’re awesome!) but they also have numerous benefits that can help your Little Cook learn essential skills.

    Easy, kids cooking sets made for small hands for your little cooks to learn with. No more awkward mixing or whisking!
    Teach your little cooks essential life skills like maths, communication and nutrition with their very own tools!
    Give your little cooks a greater sense of accomplishment when they master using their own tools and those tricky recipes in the kitchen.
    Gift your little cook their very own cooking tools to grow and learn with.
    We’ve picked some bright, cheerful and fun colours for your little cooks to enjoy cooking with.

We are always on the lookout for new product options which we think your Little Cook will love to use.  You will regularly see new products appearing in our shop and we hope you enjoy these new items as much as we do.  Follow us on Facebook – to keep up to date with our latest news and cooking videos we think you and your Little Cook will enjoy.